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i think next EU splatfest is cats vs dogs, which is stupid because that was the first splatfest theme for US

it really isn't that hard to come up with a splatfest idea so i dunno why they'd do this

It's always such a great feeling when your team ends up being the "wrong" one before the splatfest even ends.

wait salt fest is happening NOW??
forget i'd better start playing

Cars gave up.

Well, at least I didn't give up.
Actually, one round, 3 out of the 4 players on the planes team disconnected right before the round started. Only 1 plane member remained, and I feel bad for that person.
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why are you team cars
that's just plane rude
i car about being on team cars

so question: best weapon?

combat: ranged custom blaster OR golden dynamo roller - ranged custom blaster is great for dealing damage. most hits will end up in a 1 hit kill, and will work on people hiding (ex. someone hiding on their ink on the tower in tower control). golden dynamo roller's also great, despite the long swing delay. it's not really for rolling, mainly just swinging ink. it's good at it's job, though, and deals damage.

coverage: heavy splatling - charges up twice (2 levels), and sprays ink everywhere. also great for dealing damage as well.

new weapons are out though like the tri-slosher and something else iirc
what do you guys think is the best for getting the job(s) done

The art book was released today.

Or yesterday. I forgot when exactly.

Cars = Autobots
Planes = Decepticons

We've been duped.

I'm done, reached the run speed cap I have beat Splatoon forever.