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More notes for your enjoyment!

We all know and love the default Synth4 sounds that come built into Blockland. But, the default Synth4 sounds are only one octave of sounds ranging from C3 to A3#. Synth8 is a simple set of synth sounds I've made by changing the frequencies of the default Synth4 sounds. Now you can enjoy eight, yes eight, beautiful octaves of synthesizer sounds.

The synth sounds I've made range all the way from A0 to C8. Enjoy!

Midi Numbers
You'll notice that the names of the sound files range from Synth8_21.WAV to Synth8_108.WAV. This was simply to make it easier for me when I was making a very large 8 octave midi sequencer (which I might add a download for later). These numbers are called "midi numbers". Here's a simple chart to help you understand which number represents which note.


Midi Sequencer
This is a large midi sequencer that I've made for using these synth sounds. It has all eight octaves built into it, the tempo is capable of being changed, and can play songs up to 9 minutes long at 100 bpm. Each 1x1 plate is one sixteenth note.

The black lines are meant to make it look like sheet music so that songs are much easier to compose.
The blue line marks where C4 and C4# are located.

Before you download the midi sequencer, make sure that you have these add-ons:
Midi Brick (Custom made 88 plate tall bricks made specifically for this sequencer.)
SetEventDelay (This is only needed if you wish to change the tempo of songs.)
And it, of course, requires Synth8.

Also, be aware that since large scale midi sequencers such as this one require a lot of 1x1 plates, your FPS is likely to go to stuff when you're looking toward many of them at once, even with a decent graphics card. And, again because of the large amount of 1x1 plates, the file size is quite hefty. Creating and saving more than 15 songs is not recommended.

Download for the sequencer: Large Midi

Extract Large Midi Sequencer.bls and Large Midi Sequencer.jpg from the .zip file and move them both into the saves folder located in your Blockland folder.
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When decreasing the frequency of a sound, you are actually stretching the sound to make the sound waves farther apart. The same rule applies when increasing the frequency, however you are instead squeezing it. As a result, all sounds ranging from about C5 to C8 are essentially just a beep.
Couldn't sounds just be generated at different tones instead of edited?

Couldn't sounds just be generated at different tones instead of edited?
I'm really not that great with sounds and stuff.
I honestly just threw these together in two days.

Holy stuff that's a lot of sound files, waaayy past practicality.

Holy stuff that's a lot of sound files, waaayy past practicality.
How exactly is it "waaayy past practicality"? What if someone's making a song and they wish to use very high or low notes? The entire reason I made them is because I need them for my personal projects.

Added a download for the midi sequencer I made.