How should starting position be determined?

Random Draw (every race)
9 (52.9%)
Qualifying (every race)
6 (35.3%)
Last race reversed (Qualifying for first race)
1 (5.9%)
Last race reversed (Random Draw first race)
1 (5.9%)
Cup standings reversed (Qualifying first race)
0 (0%)
Cup standings reversed (Random draw first race)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 17

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Can the next one be a team race?
Next event is going to be an elimination event but I do plan on having a relay race at some point

Also next event marks the start of the season

Edit: I didn't mean relay race. I meant like Mario Kart team vs mode, where all teammates race at once.
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damn it. I wanted to see if I could spectate, but I forgot completely

IGN: Sprite_
Timezone: GMT 0
Primary car color: White
Secondary car color: White
Tertiary car color: Dark Blue

IGN: Totron                                                                                                                I wanted to do "Why I should be chosen" for just letting you
                                                                                                                                  about me.
Timezone: EST
Primary car color: Blue
Secondary car color: Light blue
Tetiary car color: White

Why shoud I be chosen?: Its because I vaule racing, I like the way how everyone begins with simple
Stragietes and.. when I built up, My passion with racing is strong and I watch nascar races and try to learn a lot about them, I saw this and I was thinking this would be great for me, but I have to pass the apply. I felt like I wanted to join this group and have fun. Anyways I cant apply on steam because I just stared.
(Cant open chat room, Its because I must buy something that's over 5.00 USA dollars) thats the problem. But I applied here.
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IGN: Jewbroz
Primary car color: Medium green
Secondary car color: Black
Tetiary car color: Black
EDIT: Forgot my timezone. (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

IGN: FirstPrime1624
Primary car color: Black
Secondary car color: Red
Tertiary car color Black/Red (depends on which will combine better with the car.)
Time Zone: Standard Time -0600 UTC (Mexico City)

4 in arrow aplling racers this thing is getting populaur
(including me)

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 l      _____/          l
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I'm done with this clan

If anyone wants to take it over and make a new thread be my guest