Which participant's character(s) is the TOUGHEST?

Aleksander (PurpleMetro)
0 (0%)
Catwarrior (Bomb Kirby)
0 (0%)
Fede (F3d323)
1 (4.3%)
TeeOS & Tracker (TeeOS)
1 (4.3%)
The Admiral (Landmineman4000˛)
0 (0%)
Cupcake (Neon)
0 (0%)
The Representative (KelBlock)
1 (4.3%)
Jet & Creampuff (WaffleCake)
1 (4.3%)
Densitron (Glass Joe)
2 (8.7%)
Tanner (Tudoreleu)
0 (0%)
Bellator Vox & Co. (PowerDag)
1 (4.3%)
Red & Kerberus (TheKid)
1 (4.3%)
Apacheblitz (Niblic˛)
5 (21.7%)
Stick (Agent Legit 22)
0 (0%)
Silico (Kochieboy)
0 (0%)
"Queen" Dewals (*Facepalm*)
2 (8.7%)
Flat (Flatflyer)
2 (8.7%)
The Terrorist (Lady Sevacre)
0 (0%)
Sevacre (Lady Sevacre)
6 (26.1%)

Total Members Voted: 23

Author Topic: Comic Collab Brawl v3: DEEP SPACE  (Read 21224 times)


Don't worry, I have received permission from Sev

This is a lame, nerdy revival of this thread
Except this time, it's centered in SPACE. Yessire, no more being limited to the boring rocky grounds of Earth. Now, not only can we blow each other up on land, but we can do it inside the infinite realm of space as well! To keep things a little organized, here's an overview of where we're at. In the middle is the center of all the action, where Earth just so happens to be placed. The map will be updated as more people post their comics, so check back here once in a while, as you may see a fleet of spaceships running around or a new planet that just happened to appear.

[ Current Status: Majority of the brawlers are gathered on Earth. ]

The benefits of joining the brawl include a BRAND NEW STYLISH CHARACTER CARD!

PurpleMetro's Character

Bomb Kirby's Character. Submitted 7/2/15

F3d323's Character. Submitted 7/2/15

TeeOS' Character. Submitted 7/2/15

Landmineman4000˛'s Character. Submitted 7/2/15

Neon's Character. Submitted 7/3/15

Kel'Block's Character. Submitted 7/3/15

???'s Character. Submitted 7/3/15

WaffleCake's Character. Submitted 7/3/15

WaffleCake's Character #2. Submitted 7/3/15

Glass Joe's Character. Submitted 7/4/15

Tudoreleu's Character. Submitted 7/4/15

Kochieboy's Character. Submitted 7/10/15

PowerDag's Character. Submitted 7/7/15

TheKid's Character. Submitted 7/8/15

TheKid's Character #2. Submitted 7/8/15

Niblic˛'s Character. Submitted 7/11/15

KelBlock's Character #2. Submitted 7/10/15

Flatflyer's Character. Submitted 7/15/15

Legoboss' Character. Submitted 7/19/15

*Facepalm*' Character. Submitted 7/15/15

Lady Sevacre's Character. Submitted 7/16/15


Before you can join the brawl, you will obviously need an OC (Original Character), or a character of some sorts to play as. Secondly, read the rules in the post below so you don't forget yourself over somewhere. Third, you must include at least one small comic (comprised of 4 panels minimum) involving your character. If you have all of these things done, then send me a PM with the details of your OC, (name and race are mandatory) and a color for your card, including the comic, and I'll notify you back when you're allowed to make comics for this.

There is also a nifty new Skype group, because the old one is full of retired old men. If you'd like to join, give me or PM your Skype name, and I'll add you in.
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Previous rules that were posted by Sevacre still apply to this topic:

okay since thekid is dumb and people are breaking rules without really realizing it, heres a full explanation of the rules that would've been in the op if thekid wasn't a dumbass

RULE 1:No Godmodding
 This means no bending everything to your favor. In general this rule will be employed in affecting others with your attacks and such. For example, when you attack someone, you let them decide whether they were hit, what happened, all that. Another example is that you can't dodge every attack thrown at you. Just try to be fair and have fun. *Edit: I forgot to add, this means controlling other characters. You can probably make them say things and talk as long as it's in character, but do your best to not make them do anything without the creator's consent. Thanks

RULE 2:No Powerplaying
 This means doing things you shouldn't technically be able to. For example, pulling powers out of your ass, knowing things that are secrets, acting out of character. That kind of stuff. Just don't be stupid about this.

RULE 3:Don't be a loving starfish
 Don't be super dumb, don't be a huge richard dongler, don't ruin everyone's fun. This is a comic for having loads of fun, infact no one even has to fight eachother. It's just encouraged, so we can have something to do instead of aimless nothingness. Since aimless violence is better. Just enjoy yourself in this thread, and make sure everyone else is having fun. When making your post, do what you think you'd love to see, instead of doing what would be easy <3

1.There is no set order, people post as they see fit. This means it's probably best to talk to the others if you're planning something. Because otherwise someone might draw faster than you and stuff something out before you can.
2.Every post pertaining to the 'story' or 'fight' must be made with a picture you've done. Even if it's just a single panel. You can't like, make a post saying things, then say "ill draw the picture later i promise!".
3.If you're going to join, realize that it'll take a good amount of effort to draw all the backgrounds, poses, characters, and all that. Please note that I also expect everyone to keep a good amount of quality in their drawerings. While they can slack a little every once in a while, don't get comfortable with that. The better the quality, the better the post.
4.Try to be active in the thread if you're going to join too, I know school/work/life may be hard. But getting in a single panel every once in a while to keep your character in the game is good enough. A new comic deadline has been added. I've taken a lot of this under consideration, and so I've decided that each character has 2 weeks to make their comic from the point they've decided they would create the next one.
5.And lastly, try to keep your images set to a width of 800 pixels. This won't stretch the page sideways and make everything ugly. You can make it smaller, but if you make it bigger, please do your best to not be annoying with it, and possibly thumbnail it or something. Thanks.

(p.s. dont take it wrongly, but what in this thread, what i say goes and im allowed to break these rules to keep the thread in check. i probably wont break it too often, hopefully not at all. but if people are being dumb and breaking the rules/being op, i will break the rules to bring to take them down a notch and such. such as a person constantly dodging things and being unfair? ill definitely /force/ them to be hit, stuff like that, hopefully no one is dumb so i dont need to do this, but whatever, sorry in advance.)

(NEW) RULE 4:If you would like to add an additional planet to the arena, then please let me know beforehand
 This doesn't count for spaceships, or other smaller entities. If your OC is going to spawn in a spaceship, then you don't need to let me know. However, if your OC is going to spawn on an entire planet besides Earth, then please let me know beforehand, and where you want it to be on the map so I can place it there. There is no layout form to fill out for your planet, just give as much details as you can give.



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Could I submit my oc COLDSTEEL THE HEDJEHEG™?

So will you be hosting a new skype group, because i'm pretty interested in joining but i'll have to wait a week or 3 after today because i'm going on vacation tommorow

So will you be hosting a new skype group, because i'm pretty interested in joining but i'll have to wait a week or 3 after today because i'm going on vacation tommorow

Yes, I added more info the OP. Give me or PM your Skype name if you'd like to join.



The Representative (in thought): Where am I?

Last image is a first person POV btw.

Anyway, let's get this stuff rollin'.

Oh if i knew how to draw right. This was some cool stuff though

obligatory entry comic that explains how catwarrior got here and gives a sample of the amazing quality of my comics

Current state of the ClanClan troop:

Giraffestar - ClanClan Camp

Catwarrior - CCB Entry Gate

Fuzzyfire - ClanClan Camp

Infernosnow - ClanClan Camp

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eating kfc with ghosts is one of the best things to do in a comic right

eating kfc with ghosts is one of the best things to do in a comic right

don't be jelly

i think representative is going to die first

rep guy is out of the competition

my comic is gonna be made later i promise

kel'block dies, part 2: double knife