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gun monokimbo

its just the default gun but its called gun monokimbo

shotgun akimbo extreme
you have dual shotguns that shoot normal shells but with shotguns attached to them that shoot shotguns which shoot shotgun shells

Mini Nuke Shotgun.
Shotgun firing mini nukes
[Akimbo Variant]

Flak Cannon 2.0
Primary: It shoots 5 big bullets, that splits into 5 medium bullets, that split into 5 small bullets, and then those make a tiny explosion. Yes, it will still be spammable.
Secondary: It creates a huge bomb that explodes into 3 smaller bombs.

Guns Decimakimbo
0.5 gun(s?). It's a half-size gun that shoots 5 bullets in a star-shaped spray at half the speed of a normal gun.

Rocket Rapilauncher
It looks like the auto rocket launcher, but blue. It shoots a rocket every half-second.

Spears Akimbo
Does this exist yet? It should.

Gun Gun
It's a gun.
It shoots guns.
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speaking of guns

introducing the quadruple barreled shotgun machine gun.

it fires 20 gauge slugs

stuff. gets. wrecked.

Gun Gun
It's a gun.
It shoots guns.
And the gun shoots guns that shoots guns
and MAYBE fire bullets.

A gun that shoots ammo that can be picked up for that gun/The ammo is random every time.

A gun that fires backwards, but insta kills.

A gun that takes the current gun of the person you aim it at.

A gun that shoots upwards, then splits into fifty mininuke rounds, which rain down onto the user.
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Twin Mininuke Spam Rifles.
Uses Twin Spam Rifles models, but fires mininukes instead.

Ion Flak Cannon
rip server lol

Ion Flak Cannon Zoccikimbo
rip server lol
See: Zoccihedron, a 100-sided shape. 100 of these forgeters.

How about if I give a suggestion?

Nevermore Cannon
A moderately sized, 2-handed gun that fires an anti-grav projectile that explodes into a large cloud of feathers. Anyone within the radius receives thorn-based splash damage that deals continual damage for a couple of seconds. Has a moderate reload time.
Murder of the crows anyone?


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