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Necro bump. Blockpire Done Goofed is seeing great progress btw

Sorry to have to use exploits to keep this thread alive, we've just been busy planning the movie.

I've finished the script officially, Cowboy has modeled an ingame, functioning ATAT (if you've seen the production topic), and I've slowly gotten all the voice actors to contribute their full parts. We've shot some scenes but none that are enough to cobble a trailer together. As soon as I have one though I'll post it immediately.

All BLC members, if you have any ideas for smaller videos you want help with, let me know. We could always stand to have some little projects going during our large ones so this topic (and clan) doesn't need necro bumping again.

I'm sorry for forgetting about this, is it too late to help?

neato, heres a cookie  :cookie:

Is there still a chance to get in?

because, I applied before. I had one vote but, that was kind of it. With it back up, could the people who applied before still be voted to become a member or, do I have to send in the application again for a revote?

Once again I agree. I also think we should consider a discord channel for more active BLC discussion.

Update: There's been a discord channel for some time now. We'll try to get everyone in the clan on it if they so desire. PM me or Swholli so we can send an invite link.
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I know this is a repost from the official topic but I'm putting it here as a quote text for those who don't frequent general discussion:

That's right, as of this Friday, December 22nd, 2017, Block Wars will have officially turned 10 years old:

Now I dunno about you, but that's actually kinda loving scary and reminds of my inevitable mortalityreally cool!

So, how are we going to celebrate this monumental occasion? This Friday, around 11am EST to 11pm EST (ALL DAY) I'm going to be throwing up a live stream on my blockalnd channel ( where we're going to hang out, talk about block wars, star wars (last jedi spoilers probably), and you're going to get to see behind the scenes the filming of the battle of hoth! I'll show you how I shoot scenes, how I edit, and how I pretty much coerced all these people into helping me make these stupid movies!

Mark your calendars! May the 4th December the 22nd be with you.