Author Topic: Where is the banlist.txt file in Steam Blockland installations?  (Read 881 times)

I am currently having difficulty finding the banlist.txt or adminlist.txt files for my personal server in my Blockland installation (I use Steam). Anyone able to point me to where it is?

Not sure where the adminlist.txt would be located, but banlist.txt is in blockland/config/server.
At least on the steam install.

adminlist.txt isn't a thing, auto admins are stored in prefs.cs

Both are in config/server, like usual. Steam and non-steam Blockland have the same functionality.

(I use Steam)
Both Steam and non-Steam Blockland installations use the same file hierarchy.
Files on a Steam installation can be found in the same location as in a non-Steam installation.

banlist.txt does exist, however auto admins are stored in prefs.cs, not adminlist.txt.
Both banlist.txt and prefs.cs can be found in <location of steam games>\Blockland\config\server.