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there's not a newer update topic to discuss future blockland updates in

there's not a newer update topic to discuss future blockland updates in

welp badspot just confirmed it
go home guys

Now I feel sad. I hope that's a joke.
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Now I feel sad. I hope that's a joke.
It's not a joke. Everyone here is extremely serious at all times, we are not allowed to make any jokes ever.

I'm surprised you guys didn't realize it long ago.



the reason im dissapointed is that V21 removed maps for a couple reasons iirc, but a main reason was that they were clunky and buggy, which was hard to work around for updates to the game. AKA they were removed to make further updates more convenient, which made me imagine blockland far in the future with a bunch of new cool content and stuff, but since we didn't get very many updates after v21, it makes me feel as if v21 has lost a large part of its potential
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I want Badspot to just come out and say what's going on, if he's actually been working on something, or if he's just done with the game, whether or not he'll pass development down to someone else like Kompressor (though this one is most likely not likely)

I don't want other people telling me that Badspot already mentioned somewhere that he's done and not have proof (from recent times) to back it up

We were told the game would develop more after v21 since interiors and terrains held the game back and made it look old and out-dated, but as far as i've seen, most of the updates since then could have been made without removing those, i'm alright with them being gone and what we have now does visually enhance the game, but where/when are the updates we were told were possible once those were removed?

And where are the fixes to the bugs that people have been posting with detail of what causes them? Or possible new additions to the base game from what people have been suggesting and creating?

The game was also put onto Steam and only got a few note worthy updates since then, but otherwise, this game, as it might appear to the Steam community, is just boring, dead, or just too hard to get into, get mods, play with friends and have fun

It's that game you buy on Steam for a few quick laughs, play for a few minutes, troll some servers, then put it down and never pick it back up thinking to yourself "LOL what even is this game?"

We're already more than halfway through the year and there hasn't been any official announcements on these matters
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or make it open source

the only thing that is really absolutely needed is the loading freeze fix and the hosting runtime error fix

i think its because there are already """fixes""" out there which makes it not as compelling to fix it

or make it open source
theres probably a lack of trust for control for anyone besides him except rotondo if he wants to make a mod or something

hi resonte i just realized ur back

I don't think there's anyone here who is trustworthy enough to give the game "official" updates