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What knowledge do you have about SCP lore?: I know quite a few things about the SCP foundation, such as the terms and alot of the SCP's. I also am trying to create my own SCP on the SCP wiki.
Why would you like to join?:I am a roleplayer who adores the SCP series and loves to roleplay through large, underground facilities.
What rank do you seek?:Any rank is fine.
Previous history with other RP groups: I was an admin on Counter's RPing servers, like his Nuclear Fallout RP and Space RP
Do you have a site you can provide?:No, quite sorry
Find and describe 3 SCP's in your own words.

[SCP-008] Living flesh ball that absorbs living matter to form an apartment inside it

[SCP-096] Me in the third grade, as I did not want to be bothered.

[SCP-479] The underground maintenance tunnels I got a tour of.

OP got himself banned. Nice job guys.

OP got himself banned. Nice job guys.
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