Which would have been the best name for League of Legends?

League of Xenon
4 (9.5%)
League of 360
10 (23.8%)
League of Durango
6 (14.3%)
League of One
7 (16.7%)
League of Scorpio
3 (7.1%)
League of X
12 (28.6%)

Total Members Voted: 35

Author Topic: League of Legends - Sylas? New Season? You bet.  (Read 282662 times)

my pickem was just.. lol

also for real riot, I get my primary pick a lot and for that I'm grateful but when I get into promos I always get my secondary pick
so lame

this is what i ended with, i put RNG as winner, so yea

no wizard icon for me qqqqqq

Anivia didn't get mid, threaten to int, Lee threaten back, she runs it down. O boi.

why am i getting flamed, if my lane is shoved under my turret and my jungler goes into the river he's automatically in a disadvantage
my brain hurts

kids don't leave your jungle if your lanes are not pushed

pay attention to the waves

tfw you had given up on diamond but manage to go on a 11 game fizz streak but you need 6 more games for diamond :(

how did you play fizz so many times in a row without playing against irelia or akali

or how did you at least not get one game where you are the only player on your team without deaths in the double digits?
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I played vs both of those champs :D I'm more proud over the fact that I won lane vs Lissandra and Galio that I've never done with Fizz.

Also, my team can't die if I've already killed the enemy! jk, I'm just lucky I got reasonable teams, winstreaks like these always end.

holy duck, i've forgotten how much rage and salt people get in league, it's hilarious
came back to it a month or so ago, upon learning that full tanks can't one shot eachother anymore with the new runes

end of game chat was like 250 lines of them arguing and it was amazing

also had a game recently where soraka refused to heal me, so i first itemed vamp scepter
of course the eve jungle flames me instead of soraka c:

sorry guys i called riot last second to ask if the new champion could be yiffy.
please dont be disappointed okay

sorry guys i called riot last second to ask if the new champion could be yiffy.
please dont be disappointed okay
i can't believe you've done this

wtf three nico nico nii

did the november early sales already happen?
been watching throughout the month but haven't seen them

edit: they're happening now, despite it being december
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New season hype.

Ended 2017 season plat 1, got plat 3 after promos. Ended last season plat 1, got gold 1 after first promo game. Why.. and how much can you rank up in promos.

I'm just waiting for the ADC item changes to come through.