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So, I wanted to build a space station based on an old design of mine, and wanted to try making it 3D and interactive.
It's essentially a double-decker mall, a motel, and military station all at the same time.
It comes equipped with the following [which are illustrated in the blueprint by yours truly.]

Entrance to the station, a big open area with only "corners" of what would be walls. Two small checkpoint-styled hallways run along the inside walls, connecting the docks.
Living Quarters
Essentially a motel, don't know if rooms at these angles would work, but whatever. 1-2 floors, whatever floats your boats. And yes, it has rooms along the sides and an "island" of rooms going through the middle.
The largest part of the station, this won't be easy. makes up almost a third, so curved stores will be an issue. two floors, with wide open space in between the second floor balconies, so you can see below. Have little bridges as needed, and markets running on the outer and inner walls.
Smaller than atrium, but still decently sized. have several chairs here and there, maybe a guide booth or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning. Fountain would be nice.
Central Tower
"Control center" of the whole station, contains an armory, communications tower, and various (guarded) entrances to the other parts of the station.
Notice that this doesn't connect to lobby, but rather the tower. This is just a small maintenance area, put tools and whatever floats yer boat.

Quote from: In-universe lore
The Pride of Serenity was established as a multi-usage outpost and marketplace, where the most diverse community trades and interacts in a secure place. Accommodating the widest possible interests, the station even contains two separate chambers for both businesses and relaxation. The balcony-style malls give more freedom compared to the hustle and bustle of your average market, while our suites provide a gorgeous view of the gas giant "Serenity" as well as a comfortable change of scenery from the cramped roosterpits of most ships! And all this is supervised by the watchtower at the center of the station, equipped to handle any pirate attacks conflicts. Our staff will happily assist you if any situation should arise. Enjoy your stay!

TL;DR: Making a space station, need builders who are good at sci-fi and/or circular builds.
I'll be hosting a server to build this, and absolutely can't do it without some help.
Post or PM if you want in.

i heard that Planr made huge space builds before

i heard that Planr made huge space builds before
good to know, maybe he'd be up for this.

Make the exterior out of mod terrain and then make the inside from bricks. Would look dope if you used vehicles to fly around and stuff