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Spear Spleef DM 2

Remember this? Well I made a new one.

My old Spear Spleef DM gamemode was a gamemode in which you use spears to knock down platforms and kill players like a regular spleef gamemode. The only thing different was the addition of other weapons to make it more like a regular DM.

This new version has...
  • Multiple layers of platforms!
  • Environment lava instead of bricks!
  • Larger walls so you can no longer escape the arena by rocket jumping!
  • 16x16 spawn areas that cannot be destroyed!

When you start, you will have a bow and a sword. On the map, you can find spears, guns akimbo, and a rocket launcher. These items' respawn times correspond to how valuable they are. Spears respawn in 15 seconds, guns akimbo respawn in 30 seconds, and the RL respawns in 60 seconds.

The two starter weapons aren't very useful. Lucky for you, there are spears near the spawn points! The guns akimbo are on the top level, which is accessible from the sides of the arena.

Getting the RL in the center of the arena can quickly turn the game around in your favor, but be careful! the platform in the middle is dangerous!

While the RL can't destroy platforms like the spear, it can easily throw people around and knock them into lava. You can also rocket jump around the arena to quickly get away from trouble. If you're skilled enough, you can even save yourself with a rocket jump after falling into the lava!

This gamemode doesn't require any addons. It only uses defaults.
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