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Shoot people with rockets. Blast yourself in the air. Blow stuff up.


installation: extract everything into your Add-ons folder

people who downloaded before this edit please redownload, i forgot to change the source of the lava file
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I used to play this all the time

ohh I remember this it was pretty fun

this looks like 2008 in roblox

it's simple
but classic
and fun

Why was roblox bolded
because the world has to know

the Blockland Glass staff are asking me to upload the required addons for this separately to glass myself. none of the original creators are online, and i'm afraid it might be taken down.

EDIT: I took down the gamemodes from glass anyway, they wanted me to provide full descriptions and everything for the addons i'd been uploading
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Blockland's rockets are much faster than Roblox's.