Author Topic: Post your former avatars if you had any.  (Read 812 times)

I never saved them, but I've had quite a few.

1 or 2 Hakase avatars early on,  a bunch of kuroneko avatars, and 2 avatar variations of this

Oh and a few others im missing, but anything that's not kuroneko or my current one was in collaboration with steve where we would mirror our avatars or combine them.
Believe it or not I only have anime avatars because I dont know what else to make my avatar.

about I think 10 of them.
I can post them if you want

more in the next post

i've been through a few


hey frick off

I have 140 total avatars used and unused, half are probably steam avatars so 70~
make up ur miiind

Including steam, this is nearly all of them.

which ive decided to keep exclusive to steam

and something similar to

however I don't have the original file

current avatar is an edited version of

just some cats birds
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Lying is bad
sorry, I thought I would get away with calling them cats :c