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Don't know why there hasn't been a thread like this in like the past 6 years. Didn't want to bump anything so here we go.
I play this game quite often and enjoy it very much. It's pretty much a completely different game compared for Blockland. It's almost like comparing Blockland to Roblox. Almost if not more as much as retail and play on the current Blockland Classic mod.

''In Future War, I discovered many of the limitations of the Torque engine and my ability to produce content. I decided that I needed a simplified game mechanic and graphical style, something that I could easily achieve working by myself. Future War had a deployable system similar to Tribes, and I had made some of the items snap to a grid for easier placement. The fun of building little forts with cubes of rock that snapped into place inspired me to make a lego themed game. Originally I had plans to make it a fort wars type of game with alternating building and combat rounds, but the free building mechanic turned out to be fun on its own.'' - Badspot - old mods/scripts for bl

I don't know if posting RTB or the old Blockland download links are ban-able but it's pretty easy to find if you just look it up.

Screenies of this fantastic game:

Also I will probably be hosting a freebuild/hangout every week (maybe?) if enough people are interested.

If you want to be on the list of active v.0002 players, just say so and I'll add you to the list.

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add me please

added bucko

make a Annoying Orange wall save that'd be glorious tbh

get friggin beamed bro

''look at my plastic house made out of legos'' ''haha what a bunch of nerds''

Hey Antares, can you host a server on Saturday? That'd be pretty cool. At around 5 EST or something?

guess what i did
i changed some models

also don't forget to add me

this looks fun

i've been playing return to blockland, it's a little confusing for a retail version player but albeit it's fun
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add me
i work with antares on the blockland classic mod as general model/asset artist

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you are literally god

that blockhead is really ugly imo