so hey how do u like school?

i love it
26 (11.1%)
it's aight
72 (30.8%)
136 (58.1%)

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would you say tenn graneet was a good guy?
serious question. i mean like i think he had good intentions, but letting your own squadron get blown to smithereens due to some personal second-thoughts is pretty questionable

either way, he had a cool helmet

How do you get a .gif avatar right now?
i need healing

i need healing
I just tried changing mine to a different gif and it worked just fine.

so weird, no gif of mine works at size 75x75 or not, not even the ones that i used to have as avatar work
someone want to try making this one work?

Looked into it a little bit. My guess is that the forum doesn't recognize and/or support GIF89a, which is weird considering its similarity to the original spec (GIF87a) which only predates GIF89a by two years. I'm guessing it's some sort of oversight in the way the forum tries to detect the image format. Some regex pattern that detects GIF87a correctly but does not recognize GIF89a.

The third best decade.

Wait I thought it was 1960... I guess 1966 is close but... Idk what I was looking at really.
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I bought a Zippo, its pretty neat.

what do you use it for

Lighting my black tar crack cocaine krokodil joints Things that you'd normally use a lighter for, like starting campfires/stoves/lighting candles or incense. I honestly just like them cause they're really neat to have around and play with.

PSA: Don't play with fire

Thank you for your time

Don't tell me what to do mom I'll burn down my house if I want!