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Author Topic: night discussion topic i guess [night 1305]  (Read 2128598 times)

>A poem for Traffic transmission

transmission transmission on the road
transmission transmission oh so bold
dressed in black, a twilight frock
soon will come her final shock
a group, a mob, these human cogs
the freeway lanes they tried to clog
all with phones, they need their likes
in need of their attention spike
don't look now here comes a car!
run for shoulders, not too far
OMG they scream and shout
as the driver is enroute
2 were struck and how they flew
their camera angles now askew
Chase him down and hope he's white
imagine now their mortal fright
the man inside the killer car
is browner than a stuff cigar
The transmission victim lays in blood
Struck the pavement with a thud
What's her name the people ask
stufflibs soon took them to task
it's not a she, it's 'them and they!'
covered in her red blood spray
from this I think we all infer
her pronouns now are 'was and were'

bumping because this topic is perfect for a general topic type thing,
jaden smith's album CTV3 is dropping midnight

since when did jaden smith make music

must be no good cause i havent heard a single one of his songs nor see anyone meme it

wacky past 2 weeks with the motherboard and PSU dying on my PC, at the same time that I upgraded my GPU lol

PC works again tho finally, am happy