so hey how do u like school?

i love it
26 (11%)
it's aight
72 (30.5%)
138 (58.5%)

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Author Topic: night discussion topic i guess [night 1225]  (Read 1163820 times)

Try canned sardeens either in oil or water Not tomato juice or anything else

that's what my sister was able to get her stray orphan to finally eat

Edit: spelling

it was that it oysters so I guess get both haha
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she stopped eating again and almost never moves
ah oh bro you need to get that cat checked for tumors

ack i have a sore throat i've had it since yesterday night too :(

stop smoking bacteria

i'm sick of being sick pls make it stop

Old Finnish saying rough translation is: put your hat on the bedpost and drink until there's two and you'll wake up well...

although my only source for this is my uncle from Sweden so take your drink with a grain of salt.

hey handsome... the post real life pictures of yourself thread is that way...

i forgot cus i went to bed earlier than normal woops

hi!! i'm finally feeling pretty better now so i'm happy :)

ah yes my favorite console the nintendo 1064