so hey how do u like school?

i love it
21 (10.8%)
it's aight
63 (32.3%)
111 (56.9%)

Total Members Voted: 195

Author Topic: night discussion topic i guess [night 993]  (Read 1010390 times)

why less then furious
my engine has cooled down from this winter season

topic still alive during the morning? interesting...

10:47 AM is the new 10:47 PM

its noon if you don't live in upside down land

i think i live there cus the blood always rushes to my head

my brothers birthday was yesterday so now cookie cake


just realized we're on page 1914...

virutal ww1 starts here & now

< hotpocket fiddles with an artillery shell

guess what im not actually 5'5" im actually 5'7" uwu *eats stuff*