Author Topic: A man went POSTAL at UCLA.  (Read 1357 times)

Suspect was wearing a black long trenchcoat with black long hair and Caucasian.

worst Hatred run ever

Actually my source on google tells me the suspect was a red team spy. Do your research tony!
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Tony, right now you have 4 topics in the front page of Off Topic. It's not that you're popular, it's that you get all emotional when you don't break 5 pages in an hour on one of your topics and so you then immediately spam more without pointless, useless garbage to increase the amount of attention you're getting.

There was already a thread about this, too, and that's a much deeper discussion and has correctly sourced facts unlike this trainwreck. That's fantastic. I dunno if it's just because you're ignorant or illiterate.

dude lord tony's been attention whoring literally the entire time i've been on BLF

it's not that new and crazy of a thing

I'm sorry, make that 5 topics since now you want to post a crappy satire article about the gorilla shooting. Very funny, mate.

the other topic was literally on the first page when you posted this

I didn't know there was already a topic on this discussion so I'll lock this.