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memelord enn was a humble loaf who plays blonklan alot. he gathered a following of like-minded loafs and thus birthed the memelords of the loaf.


1. no fonies - fonies will be toasted
2. must have the proper loaf avatar or ur a fony
3. overlord enn is always right NO IFS ANDS OR BUTTS
4. loafs stick together for life - betrayers are fonies
5. loafs are not hostile !!!

how to become a loaf

first u must strive to BE a loaf, like so:

next u will be judged by the loaf committee - if u are deemed worthy you are an official loaf for life until toasted
if deemed unworthy u will be toasted and permanently banished from loaf
one must give up all former ties to a clan


enn/khaz - 2973

tumbleweed - 30828
dragonoidslayer - 29131
tills - 31243
WALDO - n/a
-=- - 48383


grieg kaun - meanyhead pikkel face - NO ROTTEN CUCUMBERS ALLOWED!!! unless ur cucumber bread
TheAlmightyLoaf - practicing fonyism - how dare u name urself loaf and not even have the loaf face addon smh smh smh
mattsos - blasphemy and hate speakch..........
notorious B.I.G. - hate spkeach and disperect
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i would like to croissant

i knead to be in this cla n

i am very fluent in memes as you can tell hhere is my application:

Merry ⛄️🌟 Christmas Babe 🔥🍑👅 I hope 🙏🏼👏🏼 Santa comes 👄💦😩 to visit you 👣👟and give 👍🏼 you a package 🙈📦💌💦. Hope you were a 😇🙂 good girl 😛🍆 this year instead of the😽 usual 😼 naughty 🙄 girl 💦🍑👅😛😫🔥🔥. Santa is definitely ✊🏻 coming 💧tonight 🎅🏿🎅🏻😳😏 and he's gonna 😍😘 stuff your stocking 😝👌🏽👈🏽 with goodies 💋💄👙👗 tonight on this 🎄Christmas 🎄night ❄️⛄️☃🌨💫. Santa 🎅🏻 is gonna 💪🏿💪🏼✊🏻squeeze 🖖🏻down your 👧🏽 😰 narrow 😛😍chimney 🏡🏠 and show you 👀 that you've been a very👸🏽👸🏽 naughty 😏😫😝 girl. Then his 💁🏼 helper 😬😏 Boy 🍆🙃🙂 is gonna 🎄sleigh you baby 😛😏😲👐🏼🙌🏻 and inspect 🕵🔎🔍 that 🍑 sweet 💦 ass🍑 because that's what 👉🏽you👈🏽 want for Christmas 🍑💦😛🔥😏😍🍆👅👀 Santa 🎅🏻 is cumin😻👽 to town 🏢🏦🏬🏚🏡🏠🏣🏤 the clock 🕐 is ticking 🙄 be ready 😏😛🍆 Santa is cumin down↘️⬇️↙️ your👌🏽😍 chimney🖖🏻👅 tonight 😮and he's gonna 😨drown in that chimney 🤐😰💦💧☔️🏊🏼🏄🏼🚣🏼 of yours 🛀🏼🍆🍑 SLEIGH 🎄🎄 🎅🏻SANTA🎅🏻 🎄🎄 SLEIGH 🍆😩💦👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

thank u ur skills will be duly noted

when ur becoming irrelevant and need a comeback

how dare you disgrace loaf
are you sTUPid asSface this is clearly baguette

are you sTUPid asSface this is clearly baguette

shutup you baguette

are you sTUPid asSface this is clearly baguette

thats a bagete.,.,

u r now toasted for ur transgreshions

thats a bagete.,.,

u r now toasted for ur transgreshions
you mean transgressions ..................

Can I be a vegemite sandwich
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Meanwhile, on Falling Tiles...

Bread puns.

Lots of bread puns.

Bake me up inside.