Author Topic: are there any good mining/ore blocks  (Read 586 times)

i've seen some ore blocks and such on different mining/cityrpg servers in the past few years, wondering if there were any recent releases of any ore/rock bricks.

Bricks, or ModTer cubes with prints? There's a pack with a crystal you could use for mining, but I think just ModTer printed cubes would be best for ores and rock, wouldn't they?

Don't know where to find any of these things, but I could try my hand at making ore ModTer textures. Probably wouldn't be all that good at it.
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there's some stuff in honor's mining that has special ore bricks

These were released from my RPG, if nobody links you, i'll do it when I get home.

those look really good elm

Couldn't find the link anywhere, but I did find it in my Add-Ons folder.