Author Topic: autism tm tm 2: the arrival  (Read 4361 times)

^you see this panda. this panda has been addicted to shrooms and mexican piss tiles for the past month. please send us donations by giving us your:

social security number
credit card
and your mother's maiden name
also your youngest son

autiism tm tm trm 2: the rival
https://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=272240.0 <these men are extreme bullies and should go kill themselfs
sorry for saying that don't tell my mom

ok so our last clan was a major sucess so we plan to run a new one

ok reuqirms to urjoin
- you must live under a friend
- there is  only 6 genders and yours is a furry snail
- there is only 2 genders
- you can't join
- feminist people can only join
- feminist people can't join

ok we got that out of the way

now you must tell me about how many family members you have and if you have a sister tell me @destoryerisblocks


did i mention you must be a bully to join

forgot our meme bers list
   218 Guests, 111 Users Users active in past 15 minutes:
Trogtor, gebenuwell, Yosher, clarke9901, K3k0m@n, TheABELBOTO, BOSSNESSFTW, videos4candy, General, Clownfish, Insert Name Here², querty67, [GSF]Ghost, Otis Da HousKat, A.P.X., The Yorkshire ripper, Kevso, Shift Kitty, Tokthree, Prokiller10, CharlesSpeaking, Renousim, Torin, Dimos21, Zack, Twix, hotremox, naturemon, Private McDoggy, maplelink64, Brickmaster, Bing2, }]Crazy[{, Major Stupidity, Maxwell., Jairo, Officer Nickolaus, MTrRxx, RP Hoogle, Tayasaurus, The Legend of Derpa, Trymos, Darth C3P0, ßlöükfáce, AcornCake, Mr. Funnz, Jerome, Gaz, dargereldren, Cakey, HissingWalnuts, Akio-, Nonnel, Space1255, Doughboy, Alkatjo, Juncoph, Gatysh, Filipe, Plastiware, Nal, The Resonte!, Couatl, Conan, skill4life, Refticus, C-Zech Chrome Ind., Jak595, legowarrior1414, kiwibear, Gytyyhgfffff, SuperSuit12, Sabbin, ZeÜberMedic!, Muzzles56, IkeTheGeneric, News, Swholli, Jam_Jar, Drydess, Swollow, Kumquat, Kobewarrior, matthewbim11, Valkerone, Nicepoint, Danny Boy, L3G0 MAR1N3 ARMAND0, Operator¹, BlooKirby, some random idiot, Legoboss, MoltenKitten, Itussigi, Nikki, tkepahama, Fastmapler, I3oop, Cappytaino, Kamutog, ABlockOfCheese, Cheesemaster, Whackin, Blocky943, DodgeViperAcr16, Element, Gojira, Mr Man, startacker, 12345-Android-Junk-Yard, phflack

This is autism. where is betel when we need him

i would like to resign from autism tm tm 2

eat that nerds I'm not in autism tm tm 2

autism tm is not responsible for and does not condone the actions of op or this clan.

Also the title would have to be autism tm tm tm 2 because SQUAD already took tm tm

Also the title would have to be autism tm tm tm 2 because SQUAD already took tm tm
no our full clan name is "autiism tm tm trm 2: the rival"