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it'd be cool if i could play this but it crashes on every server i try to join
except that one server, but that one had the first door broken so i couldn't even play in the first place

Very Bad Glitch: Whenever you click on the exclamation mark in the Shop, it simply disappears and you can't buy the object. This bugged all of my players that joined the server.

in all seriousness though the level 50 boss is the worst thing ever created
like, it deals sooooooooooooooo much more damage than ANYTHING else prior, and since they're so big, the flames are too large to avoid
literally, the only way to win is to do more damage to them than they WILL do to you, pack a million health potions, or just bring like five people

they ended a great continuous run from the lobby, pretty much stopping me cold by functioning completely differently compared to the 49 rooms prior.

they're the only problem with the gamemode that I've seen so far though, apart from level 39 I think it was not letting me through after I finished it. Everything else is great.
Just... they're kind of completely broken. Are they really SUPPOSED to be a mountain-sized difficulty spike?

edit: just gave the release thread a look. So if The Resonte is on hiatus, I guess there's not much point in complaining about level 50.
balancing is hard although i did have a good thought that i put in

Very Bad Glitch: Whenever you click on the exclamation mark in the Shop, it simply disappears and you can't buy the object. This bugged all of my players that joined the server.
Here's another bug that I found: Whenever I try to buy something, the red exclamation mark simply disappears and the item that I tried to buy does not show up in my inventory.
I got to the first checkpoint it seems (the one after the boss with the guns Akimbo) and all the guys in there said they had things they would sell for 5 points but I couldn't buy anything. Also on all the weapons and potions the red "!" is not there so I can't buy anything.
this is some sort of odd bug where the events don't load as the build loads, as if it loads before event_variables "exists"
for some reason it seems to appear most often in hub 50
deleting the blocks and reloading the build (somehow) fixes it except for how annoying that is to do

i moved it around in the file-loading-order as a pure guess if that helps

i think reso forgot to put event_additem into the addons lol
no i did

if i didn't the gamemode would return an error and be all red

What am I supposed to do on the Final Boss? I am so confused.
i added tips so players aren't completely lost

except for the final boss, who is horrible.

me and You spent long enough for some other random goober to play all the way through the game and meet us at the final boss and between the three of us we still took like an hour more trying to work out how to actually kill it

we cheesed him when i went back to the hub, got the super skinny potion and just rammed into the forgetin number machine because we still dont know how the forget that worked
it works on miracles

there needs to be something to discourage stupid players from rushing ahead of everyone else and locking them all out of the room (sometimes that leads to said players dying and making the others wait even further)
putting the work in teamwork

plus the whole entrance thing should be reworked somewhat
it's a tad difficult to do that at the moment
i definitely would have done it way back when i started

Is there a checkpoint saver that prevents checkpoints from being lost on leaving?
that would be interesting but i don't know if something like that exists with a working download

We also got confused on the way you talk to NPC's, with the 4 of us, we weren't sure if an NPC was broken or not since they didn't talk.
you got to click them in the chest area

after school special, which means a song probably didn't load. (You may have forgot to put a song in the pack?)
this is true
sometimes the songs get replaced for better ones but i made a huge mess up and forgot to fix some of those

i refined it in spots here and there so it is slightly better than before

ask a question and you'll maybe get an answer about anything about this

if not then okay

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For anyone still having trouble with the final boss (spoilers, obviously)

quote this message because i'm too lazy and under too much time constraints to make it myself

so you have the first two bosses in level 100 or whatever which are just bots which you shoot normally and relentlessly while cutscenes that don't work for some reason attempt to play whilst failing

the final final boss which is the huge blockhead head is a bit more complicated

basically the goal is to reach the top of the blockhead's head through jets or the propeller shield or something
where there's a red glowy thing and dive into it with your player body, in which it'll detonate and the face will be blown off, which will also stop further attacks

the face is now exposed.
from there you have to fire a lot through the missing face until either the face regenerates which it does after some time, or the boss explodes, doing one point of damage towards it

do this five times and it'll be dead and explode and the bottom of the map will open up to the credits area

This is one of my favorite gamemodes.