Author Topic: graham - enhancing our bodies so we can survive car crashes  (Read 2027 times)

fat forget the walking airbag
this is my new favorite nickname for anything

He looks like someone who spent too much time on Tumblr and can't unsee what has already happened.

Also why does he have like 12 loving nipples wtf

all the car noises in the background give me the theory that graham is the only survivor of a nuclear car apocalypse
edit: wait are those even car noises what the hell am i listening to
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oh my god
wall-e predicted the future of human evolution

I'm guessing swallows have a shorter lifespan than us, right? And wingspan is a very minor change compared to this. This'd require new genes, not a certain combination of existing genes, if that makes sense?

wings that are a few millimeters shorter is not even remotely comparable to the changes in this "graham" thing. many of the differences he has are huge, there are even some totally new structures, and some others have disappeared. among other issues. I'm not really sure what the total amount of swallows were around those roads, but it sounds like those who died made up a pretty big percentage. traffic injuries (~50 million. includes those that didn't result in death or severe injury, which would probably not affect selection), by comparison, make up a small percentage of the human population, and occur all over the world, rather than being mostly localized to one area. natural selection in the form of death will have less of an effect on the species when the deaths don't have a large effect on the available people for someone to choose a partner from. anything that doesn't cause serious population culls will take much longer
also, it would require people to choose to reproduce with people who looked more and more like "graham", and maybe over millions of years people wouldn't notice the difference, but if you're talking about a few hundred... nope. imagine if those swallows had preferred their potential mates to have longer wings

A: i was responding to the idea that evolution can't happen within the timespan of 300 years (although automobiles had only started mass production 108 years ago), not the idea that a new species of man can't evolve within the timespan of 300 years

B: populations are isolated, though. it's why we have black people, white people, yellow people, red people, blondes, brunettes, gingers, wide noses, thin noses, curly hair, straight hair...

you get the idea. while it's true that thanks to modern globalization we have much of the planet's population able to migrate quickly and easily, it's also true that isolated tribes and villages still exist. extremely rural communities, tribes, etc

with all that being said i doubt we'll evolve significantly to deal with car impacts

unless, perhaps, it involves fatter breasts and bigger pecs or something

science has gone too far
luckily, the science of human attraction makes sure that this will never become reality