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Some of these may have been made by other people already, but I made my own versions anyway.

This pack contains some classic maps from ROBLOX recreated for Blockland. They were all made using default bricks. I plan to add more to this pack in the future.

I was thinking to myself "What if these were default saves for Blockland?" so I tried to replicate that feeling as best as I could.

These are not meant to be perfect recreations, some brick sizes may be a little off and some of the placements may be a little off, but it should be close enough to get the same feeling as they would on ROBLOX.

Download Pack

If you cannot access my website for whatever reason, please check the mirrors below:
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A few notes regarding the heights:
- The Heights is a little off due to default blockland not having a lot of different types of swords, and I was also thinking of a DM server when I was building it, so some weapons are scattered about. If you want to make a DM using it, start the players with a sword and nothing else. A couple item placements were also replaced with chests.
- The launch/teleport pads may also not be accurate, but it plays well.
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Very cool!, it reminds me to the good old Roblox :'), great job

Very cool!, it reminds me to the good old Roblox :'), great job

Very nostalgic.  :cookie:

Holy loving stuff the Heights.
I remember that.
Good job m80, good job

the nostalgia hit like a truck
great job man

 :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
I really like it good job