Author Topic: Why was the Ghostbusters Movie (2016) so bad?  (Read 984 times)

May be a little late but idc. I never really did understand why people hated the new Ghostbusters movie. Some people say that it was loveist (even though I thought they were loveist themselves haha). The movie also received positive reviews from critics, which only just adds further to my confusion. Literally, I do not get why it is so bad. Why? (NOTE: Unlike Pixels, I did not see the movie, but I thought it would be pretty good).

It was forced and didn't capitalize on the expectations from its fans.

because the drama around it (all cast members being replaced by females, even though the original had an all male cast).
people were being called loveist for not seeing the movie or giving it a positive review.
and apparently the comedy in it is pretty stuffe? need someone to confirm this.

because ghostbusters 1 and 2 were great films, and the new ghostbusters didn't have any appeal to ghostbusters fans. even if it was branded as something else I wouldn't like it

it just wasnt a very good movie in general

also for something trying to be progressive - all the men were bumbling idiots and female winston was a stereotypical cliched loud black person. mind you in the original two ghostbusters + cartoon, winston's race was never played for laughs

yeah he wasn't black for a comedic reason, he was black because he was black

The actors did a terrible job and the jokes fell flat. The majority being fart jokes. The movie was also badly paced. No real focus on the story, it just tried throwing as many unfunny jokes at you as possible.

ruined by feminists and has tons of forced humor

I've also noticed that Harold Ramus died before this movie came out.

Tried to hard too be #progressive and forgot to actually be entertaining. Tried to hard too appeal to the lowest common denominator of society which unsurprisingly enough is actually a minority.

I never saw it myself, but tbh it looks more like a gimmick than anything

Why the forget is this still a question?

It was a forced, contrived as forget, unfunny reboot that was made by radical feminists because GOD FORBID they make their own IP. The director thinks men aren't funny, so he casts all the men into insulting, bumbling, dumbass roles and has the bad guy get finished off by the girls shooting him in the richard. And if you point ANY of this out, you are a loveist, misogynistic triggered bigot who likes to kick small dogs and eat babies.

THAT'S why. Stop loving asking.