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This is still a work in progress


This topic is simply a place holder as I make progress with this project that I started working on. I currently have a decent amount of work done for it just being me working on it.


[Estimated ATM] Brick count: 17.000

The Abandoned, is a project that I started. I plan on making this into a possible RPG or at least creating a world where people can simply explore what I am calling "The Abandoned Zone". This Zone will be filled with terrain, buildings, and some secret spots. If I make this into a full fledged RPG, I'd like to do something like Khaz (I think it was Khaz? correct me if I am wrong,) whom made/had that really big Zombie RPG a few years ago. So far, this is a Project I intend to finish, I do not know when. But I will work on a back ground story and other Misc. stuff that will go along with this as I move on with progress.  

Update Information

9/18 : Added new terrain: A path that goes up and the around to get to a secluded little makeshift home.
Re-did interiors and added a "generator" room that's located outside, will be working on interiors for a bit. Nothing too much was done for the exterior area other than the New terrain. Next update will be when I get a get amount of interiors done.

9/20 : Interior to Facility 1(Name is temp.) is pretty much done at the moment. No new exterior at the moment. Keeping the details in the interiors limited so that I can focus more on detailed Exteriors. I may open up my server to let people check out the current build. I am not sure when I will if I do.

9/23 : Engineering Facility (Orange) is pretty much complete. Security Facility (Blue) added. Brings in more space to explore, and a Armory locked needing two keys. Extremely hard to get to and to get. More terrain was added. A tunnel was made. This is where one key will be located. Parts of the tunnel will be flooded with Infected. The Main tunnel will lead out of this area into a new area that will come later.

~ Main Gallery~

New pictures

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i like it! the brick terrain is appealing

Dude like that third picture doesn't even look like bl, it's amazing

The upper bit of the base coming out of the cliff-side is just perfect

there arent very many posts here i guess the topic is abandoned

but i really like the terrain tho

More please! I love it :) this would make for a great post-apocalyptic map

More please! I love it :) this would make for a great post-apocalyptic map

That's actually the feeling I was going with.

and thanks for all the comments everyone, I'm glad ya'll like it so far.
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Looks awesome! Keep going with it.

i seriously hope you could finish this, you have something nice going here

i have tried many times with BlurIsBack but we can't be motivated enough