Author Topic: Server crashes either randomly or whenever i wrench a brick as i enter a turret  (Read 650 times)


I'd try and figure this out myself but idk how to. If you need more details about the server, it's being hosted off of my main computer which is this stuffty mac from 2007 or so and I have a lot of tank add-ons enabled. I've tested this with a Tiger I tank and another tank of sorts.

Try disabling Weapon_TF2DemoPack and see if that fixes it.
The addon is giving loads of errors.
Including a couple during WrenchImage::onFire

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll test it in the morning since I'm about to head to bed.

Seemed to fix the problem. Keeping unlocked in case a random crash happens again.

Update: Now damaging a turret while entering it crashes the server. Posted console.log

Update: Disabling all TF2 weapon packs enabled seemed to fix the problem.

update again: apparently duping a bunch of bricks and planting them causes the game to crash.