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Nerf Deathmatch
I originally wanted to do testing and create more content for this game-mode, but due to a long hiatus of development, I've decided to go ahead and release it as-is before it sits any longer.

  • Uses the Nerf Maverick*
  • Uses Cliff-side House by Ladle.
  • All brick-packs necessary are included inside the .zip file. There should be no need to download any.
  • The gamemode doubles as a client addon which gives the player fancy sounds including an edited version of Port's footstep mod, damage sounds, and ambience. It's not needed, but will work on your server as well as any other servers you join using this gamemode. The decision to make all fancy sounds client-sided was made to keep download times low.
  • All players are 0.7 scaled.
* The Nerf Maverick is a heavily modified version from the actual add-on. For example, the darts will whistle when fired, until they hit an object (they'll play a tap sound when they stick to a wall). There's slight recoil and more animations, as well as edited sounds.

Outdated Showcase
This video lacks some features added since it was posted. It does showcase the edited footstep mod, ambience, new sounds, and some parts of the map. And.. more, I guess.

Download 7.24MB

If you run into any big issues, please let me know so I can push a quick fix out. I may update this later on, as there are some things I'd like to add, eventually (proper environment settings, for example). If you have ideas, do let me know.

Make your own nerf guns/add more nerf guns


Make your own nerf guns/add more nerf guns

you know they didn't make the weapon right?

i am very interested
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is the damage modified?

It's Somethin'

jokes aside i could probably model some nerf guns at some point