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Here are the SS Dogfight save files. Go make a dogfight with them!
Download (Save files only):
Download (Add-Ons included):

Comes with a pre-setup game mode (the one I use on my server) and a ton of old save files from various versions of the dogfight. Some of the saves have been converted from the Terrain system and some have not.

There's actually more of these save files (AKA the canyon map) but they're on my other computer. Maybe I'll post them later.

Let me know if there's any add-ons missing.
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oh yes
If you could find it the canyon map would be great

There are a lot of modified addons that are needed, can you just put a package of all required add-ons on mediafire or some other file hosting site
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There's a new link in the OP with the add-ons included. This also includes Bushido's Planes and a number of other mods that probably haven't been released yet.

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