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Author Topic: Temple Treasure Server  (Read 3769 times)

What is it?

There are two teams. The goal is to collect gold in the map and bring it back to your team's chest. If you die you drop any treasures you may carry. First team to 8,000 gold wins! Oh, you can also steal from the other team!

Why did i make it?

Literally the only reason this server exists is because of the overwhelming amount of people wanting new stuff, like look how much there is
- More unique and fun servers to play
Host better servers.
Servers need to have more creativity
a bunch of consistently hosted good servers
they have to be good, they have to be hosted consistently, they have to be administrated well
they shouldn't use too many add-ons or the loading time gets too long, and the player count need some sort of a limit, like 16 players, so the overflow can go to others.
Make new, original servers and get rid of the crappy servers that will give new players bad impressions of the game.
More fun servers
We make and host or host existing simple, plain-ol'-fun gamemode
More original servers
so here you go guys im answering

Build Gallery



Server Rules

1. Do not spam in any form

2. Obey administrators

3. Report any issues or glitches you may come across

Staff Team

The Brighter Dark (2227)
Cowboy6 (33249)
Ravencroft (2229)
Sylvanor (118)
Herecy (216)
FloppyDisk (1681)
Noose (4666)
Whirlwind (8429)
bubbler (9772)
quackula (19388)
Faraday (47704)
WALDO (13063)
Allun Pentax (30881)
Knox (34242)

The Brighter Dark (2227) - Main Build
Allun Pentax (30881) - Border Proofing
Buddy (28116) - Border proofing
Noose (4446) - Vine help
Ibam (37168) - Terrain help
quackula (19388) - General build help
DragonoidSlayer (29131) - VPS Hosting
Gravity Cat (16360) - Treasure Mod, Flintlock Weapons
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This looks really cool, hope to play it when it is up.

It is very fun everyone should check it out

Sounds interesting, might give it a try later when I get the chance.

Added 3 new classes that cost points!

Server is closed for the night. Will update topic tomorrow with server times and more specific details about the classes.

Server will be up again most of the day today

Can't wait to check it out! I'll be on this weekend.

I've always wanted to make a gamemode like this. Not exactly like this, but close.

Glad someone else did though! I'll check it out after work.