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What is this?
Brick4Brick is a content clan for Blockland. However, since we already had a private discord semi-related to the clan focused on playing Blockland and other games, I decided that we should expand outwards and not just be a content clan, but also a community.

How do I join?
To join (we have a discord) you can PM me requesting to join. There's no application and I'm letting anybody in who isn't a complete starfish or someone who the community would consider a problem. If I didn't respond to you with an invite, you're unable to pm, or any other reason we can discuss it here or in private.

Sketcher/Armor Rage/RaIder915

We have 3 simple rules here.
1 - don't be obnoxious

2 - don't flame or try to start drama here

3 - no disgusting or nsfw stuff

Violating these rules will result in the appropriate punishment, if you continue to violate these rules you will be permanently banned. You will get a few warnings however before that.
there are no notes right now

there's nothing here oops

What games do you guys usually play?

What games do you guys usually play?
blockland, cs:go, just anything people are up to
dude i love games
haha same man ! relateable .

Do you guys play ArmA 3?

Do you guys play ArmA 3?
some of us do i think, ik spherical does

esipo u tryna get an ARMA 3 squad together?

3 - no disgusting or nsfw stuff
Oh dear god the irony. You got dramaed for spamming research on a discord.

I hope the discord works well for you guys.