Author Topic: predictions for 2017  (Read 4638 times)

whaddya think will it be better or worse than 2016 personally i thought 2016 was full of comedic value in a modern sort of way

2017 will either be far more incredible or far worse there is no in between ever

Queen Elizabeth might die.
No Man's Sky will get multiplayer support.
Call Of Duty: Skies Of Fire.
Mars pics.
man on mars?
Attempted pres assassination, fail.
Some youtuber will die.

It will be the worst year ever, just like every year before it

a dab movie and a deez nuts movie after the emoji movie
donald Annoying Orange might get assassinated
some guy dies on a trip to mars

a single celebrity will die and everyone will say its the worst year ever

canada will be the worst country

1 - 3 new death grips albums

i choose from my wide selection of girls who got crushes on me and lose my virginity

china and war
i choose from my wide selection of girls who got crushes on me and lose my virginity
pfffhahaha what girls

me and the boys will hit a lick and dominate the streets in ferraris

Mainstream News media will bitch itself into a coma.
Hillary dyes her hair to try and get attention from the news and 'connect with millenials for the next election."
Star Wars Rogue One causes a backlash that pushed back the DVD/Bluray/Digital Release
Xbox Scorpio is shown off but the date gets pushed back twice.
Minecraft hits a second wind in terms of popularity with it's new app Minecraft GO, but it doesn't las through the summer.
Nintendo Switch surprisingly flops, but the reason makes sense, built-in always online DRM and 'optional' celluar data to support online functionality, RIP Nintendo.
Han Solo didn't die, he actually just fell into a secret escape hole and was picked up by that orange bartender lady, you'll understand when episode VII comes out.
'Deadpool 2' need I say more?
'Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money' actually comes out
And finally, 2018 happens at the end of 2017.

Robbie Rotten will reach his gofundme goal.