Author Topic: Post xmas loot  (Read 10148 times)

i got a few xb1 games and 2 knives from elementalknives

Oh my gosh. We're getting a dog. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so happy! :D

asked for these:

get these

ask for steam cards
get: nothing
rip me

those leather boots still look pretty baller dude

full list ;
official world series program at home field wrigley field
derek jeter baseball book
make Kramerica great again shirt
megadeth rust in peace shirt
world series champs sweatshirt
cubs hat with my name embroidered
a bunch of movies (happy days, adam sandler collection etc...
cubs lunchbox
cubs phone case
beats studios
you're the umpire book
socks, underwear
blu-ray, dvd player

This is it so far.

Me rite now:

timberland boots, jordans, some clothes, a little drone with a camera, and a google cardboard vr thing

i got a ukelele, new motherboard, new GPU/HTC vive (sorta), new mouse (g502 woo), and a steam controller, as well as a 10000 mAh battery pack, and a little Amazon figureine thing

I got my monitor in and oh my god it's so cool

I got one of these :^)

I got one of these :^)