Do you like the new city?

Yeah! its a nice mix of north amercian cities
76 (35.8%)
Yes its made with default bricks!
44 (20.8%)
Im called Badspot and i dont know what an add-on is
56 (26.4%)
Yeah but its not my style :S
10 (4.7%)
Did you notice there was no choice 6?
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Author Topic: Brickadia City - Cohort Team  (Read 54723 times)

A Sylvanor Project - Cohort - Brickadia City

The most detailed i ever did, the most complete, with transit system, cabin car, subway (underground and aerial), and ton of interiors
Expected Brickcount : 750000

Notice: This is my last city, after i will try to work on less big maps, like DM or various gamemods maps (Trial, Slender or Viso mods...)
Feel free to join my server; its up very often - Current BC: 120k
My other city, the Russian city, is done. Its missing interiors anyway, consider it will be released in 2 times: without firsly, then with them if i manage to get ANT to make me them

Credits: Sylvanor, ANT, Ladezkik, Arrgo
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(i always fear someone will rape my topic and post reserved before me, but it ,never happened, Yet)

It's impressive how fast you work with cities, with all the details and everything, I'm looking forward to it.

lovin your work and your effort so far dude, keep it up.

Looks pretty cool! When do you think you'll release the russian city build?

super cool. keep us updated. i'm also interested to see what you make in the future so always post new topics for your projects

sylv asked me to post a pic of me in the city

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what is that stuff on the upper right of the Telephone Building ANT???

cohort team more like sylvanor gets bored so he just casually builds a city

also looks great can't even tell its a model

(i always fear someone will rape my topic and post reserved before me, but it ,never happened, Yet)
That sounds horrible, I hope it never occurs  :  (
love the city though, very sleek flat design, but excellent detail and deliberate color choice.

Main Street (Fisher Building and half the Water Tower place lel)

National Gallery Museum of Blockland

thanks, i followed your idea and will make a recent part :)

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