Author Topic: new youtube channel - the outage couch  (Read 8115 times)

what suggestions do you have for specifically spicing up the visuals of a video? anything i can do to improve, i'll do it.
i think all it needs right now is for the footage to directly correlate to what your talking about, or use the visuals to make a point, like describing combat or specific mechanics. you could also use text from time to time to illustrate the main point. like if your talking about the main mechanics of the game you could have "THE GAMES MECHANICS ARE GOOD". not that broad obviously but that's what i mean

Memes, also, cards against humanity is a good video idea

gamedar coming tonight

during the paint the town red skit you can see a level named "furry con 2017"

i WOULD sub, but i don't have an email account yet, therefore, no youtube account.

I finally made that promo vid for Hodot.

This isn't really anything you didn't already know about his channel, I'm mostly posting this for posterity's sake.