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Love the cars, but for some reason the wheels go missing and crash players who load in the cars on their end.
Well... that's weird. If you mean on your server, do you see any errors in console? Do you have any scripts or server mods that change how vehicles work?

You should add your other vehicles here and in Blockland Glass

get yourself a new truck

How many cars do you have on standby right now? jeez

How many cars do you have on standby right now? jeez
I started the Hero last Friday afternoon.

Looks like you're in a car making frenzy dude lol. Keep it up!

The Hype is real. I should do the Ranger soon so we can be brothers!

you should do an '88 pontiac fiero formula

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Good to see you're still making vehicles :O
Never stop!

That was fast, btw I would love to see that hatchback rally car you were working on, it looks really fun to drive.

make this
What ever happened to all the stuff you were doing?

I like this sudden onslaught of suggestions now that people know how quickly I can put out a vehicle