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Ok, here's some car news:

my car was killed today

Wow you must have crashed at some speed, no Volvo would end up that way in a normal crash. Hope you and everybody are okay

to explain, since I bet you're curious:

The left lane (traveling in the same direction) was stopped; I was in the right lane with nobody ahead.

Obviously, this was trouble, but my caution wasn't enough to avoid the minivan that was suddenly emerging to turn left through a small gap in the left lane

They hit my doors, pushing my car sideways, which sent it into the side of an SUV in the left lane. The other side of the road was empty so I coasted to the sidewalk while cursing loudly

all I've got is a bruised shoulder and an excuse not to fix that air pump

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will u fix the car? volvo p nice car :(

you should make a monster can item for holding on the lawnmaster