Author Topic: i have 160 dollars to spend help  (Read 2959 times)

every time money comes my way i never know what to spend it on

i dont like shopping at the mall or shopping in person period so thats probably the last thing i'll do

ill probably get some fitness stuff for home because school work really limits my time to do all that stuff but yeah other than that i've got nothing so give me suggestions cuz i rly cant think of anything else

any good steam games or whatnot that I should get? preferably in the $10-$30 dollar range?

i could save it but im not entirely good at doing that either lol

I have 300$ and I'm holding off on the switch, so I basically have the same problem as you. For the 10-30 dolla range, I'd suggest a game from the Saint's Row Series if you don't have one already.

160 $1 hookers
1 $160 hooker

buy me the rest of the fallout dlc

please give me $10 im so loving poor

(get overwatch)

If you don't know what to buy save it for when you see something

If you don't know what to buy save it for when you see something

take an amtrak trip! see the world or something!

i took the pacific surfliner to sd recently, it was pretty forgetin' swell, and pretty cheap, like $37. i'm taking amtrak to albuquerque too, later, for $66 -- im a broke bitch.

save some for red dead redemption 2

Buy alcohol
i despise alcohol lol oops

Bad Dragon carrot.
already got one of those

Any more game suggestions?

buy many many cases of smart water on amazon and be forced to drink them all