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BlocklandALLE is a group designed for uniting everyone in Blocklandó the young and old, the strong and weak, and improving it in the process.  It is a place to make friends, make content, and most of all, play Blockland.  If you want to join ALLE, read the rest of the postó the join method will be obvious if you apply yourself to reading this.

Do you want to join blocklandALLE? PROMISE that you will participate in ALLE and its property (such as its Discord), explain what you want to do on/for ALLE at the time of the signup, why you're joining ALLE, and your preferred name/pseudonym.  IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU KEEP MOST COMMUNICATIONS IN THE VOICE CHANNELS UNLESS YOU'RE A NON-MEMBER, OR SIMPLY CANNOT USE VOICE.
Here's an example application to use:

Code: [Select]
I promise to use ALLE.
[b]What I want to do:[/b]
bla describe what you initially want to do on ALLE
[b]Purpose for joining:[/b]
insert why youre joining here
say the name you prefer going by E.G. i go by etmil but thats not my real name
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