Author Topic: Blockland bug: Keys gets swapped around Ex. pressing enter fullscreens blockland  (Read 545 times)

I don't know what usually causes this problem but its annoying as forget to deal with. I normally fix the issue by restarting blockland. But recently the issue has been more common than normal.

I become aware of its presence when my keys dont do what they are supposed to, as mentioned above pressing enter fullscreens blockland. It takes ages for blockland to get back into full swing right after fullscreening. A: backspaces and Backspace just erases the entire chat, ofcourse this happends while im trying to chat

Badspot fix blockland pls

The game can think your modifier keys (like ctrl, alt, shift etc) are stuck down for some reason. To fix this, either open the steam dialog (like I do) or press the offending key a few times to get the game to recognize it.

Your problem with the game becoming fullscreen upon pressing enter is caused by it thinking you are pressing alt+enter (which is the fullscreen command)

to expand on this theres an old mod found on any rtb archive that prompts you for fullscreen before doing it if you do accidentally do alt-enter. the name of the addon is Client_FullscreenPrompt and you can find it on swollow's rtb archive