Author Topic: thekid can't hold all these frogs (art ft. commissions)  (Read 43474 times)

art thread please buy my merch
heres my websites
twitch (i might stream art out of absolutely nowhere sometimes)

i will very occasionally do requests

click the image to go to comm page

list of j

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heres drawings i didnt post in the drawings megathread

last 3 are for teeos, flatflyer, and chickenmaster

your drawing has gotten scary good seriously do you do commissions??

i wanted to set up a paypal but i was thinking for now send me steam games

ok its not my merch but buy that shirt anyways

This art is horrific. It appeals to a male furry fantasy, which resembles the mind of a mentally ill individual. 0/10. Pathetic.

i feel like i recognize the one for flatflyer but i don't know from where

The thread your art deserves

i love your art style