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A fun, new, and exciting take on Snipers vs Runners

What is this?

This is a new gamemode that has been in development for the last few months. There are two teams - Guards (Runners) and Snipers. The guards are tasked with bringing gold to the end of the quest. They must make it through three levels while snipers try to keep them from reaching the end. Guards also have the option to choose how much gold they want to bring. Just go to the treasure room and load up! However if you are killed all the gold you carry goes to the snipers, so only bring a lot if you think you can make it! Upon finishing the trek, guards will deposit their gold in the team bank and be awarded EXP depending on how much gold they finished with. The max amount of gold they can carry is directly proportional to their EXP. Higher EXP - Higher limit. There are also team levels. Once your team reaches a certain amount of gold in the bank the whole team will be upgraded. Details on team levels are below in the topic. Hope to see you guys on the server once we're ready, please post your thoughts below!

Team Levels

Guard Upgrades
1) King now grants items to guards
2) Smaller Players
3) Faster Players

Sniper Upgrades
1) Explosive Barrels
2) Faster Firing Speed
3) One Rocket Shot

Server Rules

Do not spam in any form.
Do not try to escape the map / go out of bounds. This will cause problems with the gamemode.
Report any abusive players, admins, glitches, events, etc.
Use common sense and show everyone respect.
If you have questions about the rules or the server contact a verified administrator from below.

Build Gallery


The Brighter Dark (2227)
Buddy (28116)
Cowboy6 (33249)
Durza (24790)
Sylvanor (118)
Herecy (216)
Faraday (1481)
FloppyDisk (1681)
SphericalCube (7504)
Smallguy (9373)
Whirlwind (8429)
bbbler (9772)
WALDO (13063)
Jakob (14941)
Ostinyo (15269)
quackula (19388)
Allun Pentax (30881)
TF141 Ghost (31788)
Knox (34242)
DragonoidSlayer (29131)


The Brighter Dark - Lead Build, Host
Buddy - Scripting the Gamemode
Faraday - Brickcount Reduction Script
Smallguy - Build Help
TF141GHOST - Build Help
Khaz - Build Help
Dragonoid Slayer - Build Help, VPS
Allun Pentax - Build Help, Music
Shantu - Build Help
Sylvanor -  Build Help
Arrgo - Build Help
2many - Server Logo




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There's even more to see on the server, Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions to add in!

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woah. this looks really loving amazing to play on.

Looks amazing! Will definitely play.

The top down screenshot reminded me of Warcraft III. Anyway, I'm game.

really top tier build wow :o

thought it was just for visuals, didnt realize there was a full game behind it. sorry i never finished your request, irl stuff hit me hard and ive been unable to do a lot of requests lately.

Amazing build, good job Bright and everyone who helped!

seeing the build before made me excited for what you were doing but now im absolutely pumped

Can't wait to play this one! Fantastic build as always TBD! :D