Game of the Year?

Horizon Zero Dawn
2 (3.4%)
Persona 5
6 (10.2%)
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
2 (3.4%)
Super Mario Odyssey
11 (18.6%)
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
14 (23.7%)
Doraemon 2: Nobita and the crCIA in toyland
24 (40.7%)

Total Members Voted: 59

Author Topic: The Game Awards 2017 - LIVE RIGHT NOW  (Read 8141 times)

On a bus to work right now, will be updating the thread when I arrive with the official nominations and the BLF Categories.

inst pubg still in """early access"""

im gonna rip my jugular vain straight out of my neck if PUBG wins. I don't even care who wins, ill be happy as long as it's not PUBG toxicity.

In the process of updating the OP now. I've added all the nominations in a chart/table; I'm going to link back to the website, add the schedule and then do another thing.

super mario odyssey will have the goty im pretty sure about that

Step Two: For the following list of categories, please submit as many suggestions as you wish.

The Golden Sewage Pipe Award
[EA's Greatest 2017 Failure]

The Shark Award
[Worst Active Microtransaction System in 2017]

The Scrooge Award
[2017's Most Blatant, Non-EA Moneygrab]

The Pointless Award
[Most Disappointing Ending of 2017]

The Refuge in Audacity Award
[Worst Non-EA PR Disaster of 2017]

The Autonomy Award
[Least Interactive 2017 "Game"]

The Banana Split Award
[2017 Game That Took The Most Steps Forward & Steps Backward]

The Blockhead Award
[Best 2017 BLF Project]

We will vote for the most nominated games in these categories over the coming weeks.

i nominate pubg for the shark award

My only hope is that Density, wolfen(((stein))), and Life is aids win nothing

battlefront 2 for banana split

bulletstorm: full clip for pointless? idfk

i nominate night in the woods for the autonomy award