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dont ever pm me again with your honey bunches of lies
can you show me the pm of lies

i can't spam the forums now?!?!? bullstuff!!!!!!!


I don't understand.
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ot, but when did you guys join roblox and what was the first game yall played. mine was six flags great robloxia somewhere around 2009, and for some reason, the first time i joined, there were ducks falling from the sky

may 2010. first game was some kind of ship battle. the ships had red and blue stripes, respective of their team. there was a shop (that i couldn't figure out how to use) and at some point a nuke would drop down and kill everyone. it had all your typical brickbattle weapons.

god i wish i could find that game. i've been looking for years.

I don't understand.

i don't understand either

(look at the player count and creation date)

that... that's a cepticeye


I don't understand.
same Jailbreak is a loving awful game and read the blog post roblox made about it Jailbreak: A Roblox Success Story it's cringe

theres nothing even to do when you break out in jailbreak

theres nothing even to do when you break out in jailbreak
yeah I mean, you could rob banks or have a battle with the cops (but even then loving weapons are kinda stuffty) and that's all. Another problem the hit detection or whatever with the handcuffs is loving horrendous, like you will be mile away running from a cop and they will still be able to arrest you. There also a feature where you can pick pocket a cop for a key card, but when you do, the guy you pick pocketed will get a notification about it, like WTF
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yo that's ultimate build
hey I reached the farlands there once on my old family computer

hope I have a video somewhere, it was weird as stuff

yes, the roblox forums are actually shutting down
https://devforum.robl (there's a space in between the l and o in roblox, remove it to see the link)
rest in piss forever miss