Author Topic: forumers that live nearby to you  (Read 11465 times)

iirc redconer is pretty close

is anyone else in the central texas area

mais some po boy live by lafayette, lache pas la patate

florida boyz unite
im from midwest florida where tampa is

i regret being in FL because Nix the e. Coli lives here.... ._o
marion county, florida
i know somebody who lives in the same neighborhood as me and i introduced him to bl if that counts
where my south florida party rockers at?
Anyone here live in Charlotte County, Lee County, or a nearby county in Florida?
I am only 100 miles from Tampa/St Pete
meetup when

i suggest that the place with the highest density of forumers will become the spot of the new blfcon

the amount of flordians here explains so much

who lives okc and near dallas?

i live really close to nal, gatysh and teeos

i live in south west ireland

only irish person i know is erjon and i'm p sure he's in dublin or some crap.

meetup when
Trust me bucko, you wouldn't want to meet me irl, I ain't the best looking, terrible hygiene, and I sound like a loving squirrel.

I'm surprised not too many people live in the city of deep dish pizzas

I will walk down to virginia and tell your mother all the awful things you call me drydess