what are you getting for chrimstas (gift genre)

3 (5.5%)
11 (20%)
2 (3.6%)
3 (5.5%)
4 (7.3%)
5 (9.1%)
16 (29.1%)
2 (3.6%)
3 (5.5%)
2 (3.6%)
more socks and pajamas
2 (3.6%)
more socks and pajamas
2 (3.6%)
more socks and pajamas
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: christmas confessions ~HOLIDAY EXTREME MEGATOPIC~  (Read 9596 times)


it's time for a christmas miracle
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I've decided i'm gonna get a Nintendo Switch this Christmas. I was originally intending on getting the Super Mario Odyssey bundle, but the joycons that come with it are the same red color, so i'm going for the Splatoon 2 bundle (which has green and purple joycons)

They could have at least made the second joycon green in the Super Mario Odyssey bundle :-(

friends got me a flannel shirt and a box of cheez its and i'm actually really happy with this

who else is noggin' it up

can’t get into the spirit until finals are done three days before haha
who’s loving idea was this

whatcha coding
all that matters is that he's using sublime to do it

quote this if you have your christmas tree up already
drones are cool im getting one

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aaaa it's getting closer i just can't wait!!! <3

well actually no i could still wait
in fact i'm waiting right now look at how patient i am