Author Topic: forumers, who is your forum crush?  (Read 9909 times)

khaz you got a goregous richard and i appreciate it my brother no homo

dude thanks how did it feel

no one because I Have a Girlfriend

dude thanks how did it feel
damn have u been holding out on me

that just means there's plenty to go around ;)

u didnt fricken acknowledge me :((((((((
you call me palm tree i dont ASS SOCIALATE WITH BULYS!!!!!!

i know so. honestly if you can't look at a mans supple, refined and muscular body without swooning, you are uncomfortable with your gender and loveuality. hell you're probably a closeted gay guy. it's the same anatomy you see in the mirror every morning, so why are you so afraid of it? once you appreciate men and the beauty of the male body you become so secure with your gender that you become meta-straight. So straight that you'd be fine with taking it up the ass because you know in your soul how straight you are. that's how straight we are. so next time you think to yourself, "ew that's gay! I can't believe those guys are kissing" just know that 'those guys' are the straightest guys on earth. they may be kissing now or holding hands now but by night time, they have already been inside every inch of every female you've ever known
damn this really got my noggin joggin but alas, i actually don't have a crush on here either way...

jfc i never realized how many gays are on here until now
u know it