Author Topic: sephiroth shot up his school  (Read 45964 times)

any proof that it's him?

also is this sephiroth as in plaz, or someone else?

Edit for anyone reading this: Sephiroth is not Plaz.  Plaz 2.0 was not actually Plaz, but Sephiroth impersonating him.
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now i know these were not copypastas
sephiroth did actual drugs like weed and meth

so how do you know it isnt some weird coincidence
what do you have besides edgy steam/discord messages to "prove" it was him

what in the what the forget

Looks like the famous terrorist and television show host Sam Hyde has escaped from prison to commit more heinous acts.

i told the adolf mesothelioma guy in that channel he was a retard so he gave me a role. im not associated with them.

pretty loving scary that this was near me